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4/10/17:  Monroe records his annual winter song

It was late April, the warmest day we'd had in NYC in months, so what's a guy to do?  Record his annual winter song, of course!  Last year's song, "The Fallow Way" was a piano-based one, so this year I decided to do a guitar-based one, which meant booking time to work again with my friend and colleague, Jonathan Gordon.  I won't give away which song I recorded (and yes, it's now completely done and ready to send out in December!) -- I like keeping that a surprise -- but I'm pretty happy with it and feel it's a worthwhile addition to the winter song collection.  If you want to have a short behind-the-scenes look at our recordings session, check out the video below...

11/26/17: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JOE JEFFERSON BENJAMIN BLOW selected for performance by The National Asian Artists Project

My musical short, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JOE JEFFERSON BENJAMIN BLOW, has been selected to be a part of The National Asian Artists Project's Discover: New Musicals 2017 on Monday, December 4th at 7:30 pm at Theatre 315, 315 West 47th Street in Manhattan, New York City.  In this brief show (one of only four selected for this event), we watch Joe's entire life -- from birth to death -- hurtle by at breakneck speed as he tries to slow things down long enough to catch his breath, get his bearings, and take it all in.  Performed in under thirteen minutes with just six actors, this funny, touching show is a metaphor for life's "blink and you miss it" pace.  For tickets to this one-night only performance, click

9/26/16:  Monroe accepted into the 2017 Johnny Mercer Writers Colony at Goodspeed...

I received word this week that I've been accepted into the 2017 Johnny Mercer Writers Colony at Goodspeed Musicals!  The Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, Connecticut has been championing the creation of new musicals (and producing the classics) for many years (ANNIE famously had its pre-Broadway run there) and the Colony was established to give writers a place to gather, to create and to share as they develop new musicals.  I've been invited to work on my newest musical, THE CLEARING, there the last two weeks in January. Needless to say, I am thrilled to have this time to focus exclusively on writing, composing, and creating this new show!  

9/5/16: Monroe records annual winter song

I spent Labor Day in Reed Robins's recording studio at Union Square in Manhattan!  A September recording session can only mean one thing:  Yes, I've layed down the basic tracks for my annual winter song (for those of you who don't know, I have a tradition of recording a winter song each year and sending it out to friends, family, and fans as my holi-day greeting each year).  Not going to give away which song I'm doing this year -- I'll let that remain a surprise -- but I will say that it's piano-based.  And Reed's beautiful Steinway makes an absolutely gorgeous sound. I can't wait to share it with you! And all you need to do to receive this free mp3 the week prior to Christmas is to subscribe to my email list at the bottom of my Home page            And if you want to hear some of my past winter songs, head over to my Recordings page         and check out my album SONGS FOR A WINTER NIGHT, a com-pilation of the first fifteen years of this unique tradi-tion (and you can purchase them there, too!).

8/15/16: Andy lays tracks for new album

I recently booked a session at Jon Gordon Music Productions here in New York City to begin work on a new album.  The album, tentatively titled "Songs With Lyrics And Everything" will be a collection of various unrelated songs I've written over the years, many of which I've performed in concert.  Jon and I recorded two guitar-based songs: "First," which many of you have probably heard me perform live, and "Maxine," a previously unperformed song written a long time ago about my mother.  Wanting a stripped-down "we're just performing this in our living room" feel for "First," we recorded guitar and vocals live, did some digital editing on the track, and left it at that.  "Maxine" will get some backing vocals added at some point in the future.  Both tracks feature Jon's gorgeous guitar work. Many of you have undoubtedly heard Jon's artistry on several of my annual winter songs ("California Dreamin'", "When It Snows", "Wintry Feeling", and last year's "Winter At The Shore", among many others).  He also did all the guitar parts on my most recent album, "Days Of Hope And Circumstance" and even makes a brief appearance in the promotional video for that album (you can watch it          )  It's always a pleasure to work with him.  If you're looking for a great studio with a great engineer at great rates, you should check him out           Or go to

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